Making Family Engagement and Family Peer Support a Reality in Early Intervention Programs for Psychosis in Quebec


To all participants :

We thank you for joining us on November 8th and 9th at the above conference! It was a real pleasure to come together to exchange knowledge and ideas about family engagement and family peer support in PEP programs across Quebec. We look forward to sharing updates from the conference, as well as a preliminary report of the results.

In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the webinars in connection with the conference, which are still available here, as well as some photos highlighting our wonderful collaborative efforts.

Warm regards,
The organizing team



About the Conference

Family support and interventions are strongly linked to positive outcomes in psychosis. Yet, many challenges remain in implementing them in early intervention services. Among other things, there is great variation in service delivery across the province. We sometimes observe a gap between the needs of youth and their families and the services offered to them, and the involvement of families varies greatly among early intervention clinics. The aim of our conference was to tackle these challenges and to propose solutions to surmount them. Here are the objectives of the conference.

  • To identify the barriers and the facilitator factors that support family engagement in early intervention programs for psychosis
  • To identify the learning needs of families, service users, and service providers to promote family engagement in early intervention programs
  • Create a community of service users, families and clinicians who, together, will advance recovery after a first psychotic episode

In this ground-breaking conference sponsored by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the CIUSSS de l’Ouest de l’Île de Montréal, and organised in collaboration with the Association québecoise des programmes pour premiers épisodes psychotiques (AQPPEP), we brought together service users, families, clinicians, clinician-researchers, program coordinators and decision-makers to create consensus about promoting and improving family-focused services and family peer support in early intervention programs for psychosis in Quebec.


We invite you to watch the webinars and mini videos. Webinars offer information on a variety of topics related to family engagement and family peer support and the involvement of families in the care of their youth. Mini videos contain testimonials from family members and service users about their own mental health experience and how this relates to the conference theme.

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